How to use this course (READ ME)

This course will help you build a list quickly and use it to sell more books... you can also use these platform building strategies to grow ANY online business. Giveaways work especially well, so one of the major benefits if this course is having access to two awesome giveaway programs.

But building a list is only half the battle: you still need to get them to open your emails, engage with your content, and encourage them to (hopefully) buy something. I've included some advanced tips for writing an autoresponder series and email marketing. Here are a few quick tips so we're on the same page.

WARNING: anytime you send someone an email without permission, it's risky. In some cases, like reaching out to potential reviewers, it may be fine if you're careful and are only offering a free book. But if you keep doing it, it's spam.

DESIGN: the design of your covers, optin boxes, and website will all make a big difference in conversion. In this course I'll recommend some tools and plugins you can use that will make things look better, but we won't be going into detail about cover design principles.

THE SECRET: The secret to building relationships is easy - focus on the other person. Listen to them. Care about them. Make them feel appreciated and valued. Mirror their language to create affinity and trust. Don't just talk about yourself, your plans, your book launches, etc.

An email list is not just a place for you to promote your books. It's an opportunity to provide value and nurture relationships by showing that you care, and providing remarkable content (that's interesting or entertaining). Make each email like a Christmas present - your #1 goal should be making readers feel surprise and delight.

You can do this by:
#1. telling interesting stories
#2. using fun images
#3. not selling your books all the time (they expect it, but probably dread it - your relationship with readers has got to be based on more than just book sales. They need to matter to you more than just as a possible customer.)

The main aims of this course are to help you:

A) Build a big list quickly.

B) Write a long autoresponder series that will convert freebie seekers into actual fans.

I'll also make some videos to help with the "tech" side of setting up your email lists, but keep in mind every major newsletter service has their own (much better) onboarding videos if you get stuck with a particular program or software.

I'll be giving you some specific ideas you can use in terms of what kind of content to write and share in your autoresponder series. Some of my ideas, I believe, haven't been introduced or implemented by anybody else yet, so if you start using them you'll have a huge advantage (most authors, even those with a huge list, aren't doing these yet). My tips will also help you:

  • Earn more money from your list
  • Use your list to increase traffic and visibility
  • Get your list to follow you on social media

I'll also share my personal funnels (which are a work in progress). If you are interested in how I run my online businesses or generate passive income, make sure you watch the "nonfiction" funnel video.

THE VIDEO BELOW is an introduction to the course I made awhile back. The sound in this video isn't great because I used the wrong microphone - I recorded some of this content again recently, so you can skip this video and watch the new versions inside the course, or watch this first to get a broad overview.

PS - I build things quickly and don't have a proofreading team to help out, so you'll probably notice a few stray typos my PhD program couldn't educate out of me.

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